Artistic Statement

Our world is complex and often seen as being without order, at least to the casual observer.  My work explores the simplification of the world, but attempts to maintain elements of  the natural complexity.  Attention to fine detail, removal of colour, pushing forward the interplay of light and dark, renders that simplification without flattening the vision.

While not to be rejected outright, colour can distract the viewer from engaging in the vision, almost burning the senses when viewed up close. I like my images to be viewed up close and from afar. Each provides a unique perception of the same image.

My engineering background has taught me to look at a problem from the point of first principles, be drawn into the detail of the analysis, and to test the resulting hypothesis. I suppose this training pervades my artistic concept, but this is as far as I choose to analyze.

In the end, beauty is. Nature is. With, or without us.