Spain 2015

We had the great pleasure of heading off to Barcelona in October this year, with an itinerary that took us around this great city, then off to France to relax for a week in the familial vacation home in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

Barcelona is about three things, food, football and Gaudi. The first one we took particular delight in exploring, the second one was never far from view, and the Gaudi captivated us.

One thing we did learn in Barcelona is that most major attractions allow attendance only with a time window for entry. Our first visit to Park Guell (a Gaudi design park) was met with being told that the first available tickets were for late in the day, but we’d arrived in the morning. We had no sense that we needed to choose a timeslot. Luckily for the Sagrada Familia, we’d looked that up online and purchased the tickets in advance. It seems that scanning of a digital ticket from the smart phone is very popular, so no one need worry about getting physical tickets.

Entrance detail at Park Guell.
Entrance detail at Park Guell.

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When we got to the Segrada, other than a modest line that took perhaps 10 minutes to traverse, we were able to easily access the cathedral.


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The interior of the Segrada is, in a word, incredible. You are bathed in light of all colours and I was nearly breathless over the beauty of the place.

Inside is not at all what you would expect from looking at the exterior.







The return end of the overall trip had us back in Barcelona for a few days, but we returned via Montserrat, about an hour outside of the city.

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